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Innovation & Collaboration

The Gulf Blue Initiative

As part of the Gulf Blue initiative, we coordinate with scientists, engineers, educators, businesses, entrepreneurs, and visionaries across the Mississippi Gulf Coast to aid in the acceleration of both economic growth and innovation discovery.

The maritime infrastructure on the Mississippi Gulf Coast includes laboratories, a fabrication shop, research vessels, a 24-hour connected workspace for blue tech innovators in the Gulf & ship Island Building, and even a relocatable instrumented field site that can be used in littoral and deepwater testing, evaluating, and demonstrating uncrewed systems over a broad range of oceanographic, environmental, and acoustic channel propagation variabilities.

Spaces for Innovation



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The Gulf Blue Navigator program leverages the Mississippi Gulf Coast’s position as an innovation gateway to support late-stage startups, shorten their development timeline, and accelerate their time to revenue. Participating companies will gain market access while engaging with university, industry, state, and federal partners and potential customers. The Gulf Blue Navigator provides access to state-of-the art research facilities, wet labs, co-working space, networking, and year-round access to warm coastal waters.

Gulf & Ship Island Building
2605 13th Street
Gulfport, MS 39501

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